The Nursing Touch is a massage technique suitable for everyone, bringing relaxation, comfort, and a technique that can be adapted for everyone, whatever the situation.
Its simplicity means that it can be implemented and integrated very quickly. It is easy to learn and can be used by all: family, caregivers and health professionals.

Medical environment
More than just a massage technique, it is an innovative approach that can bring a real change to the lives of people for whom touch is simply a distant memory. The Nursing Touch falls into the field of ‘caring’ and not directly in the field of ‘treating’, and assists greatly in helping to create a personal bond and a relationship based on trust.

The Nursing Touch can improve the overall care of people with chronic disease, which presents a major public health challenge.

It may, in certain situations, allow patients to reduce medication (such as sleeping pills or heavy pain-killing drugs) so improving quality of life.
Well-being sector

The 24-hour training programme is intended for complementary health practitioners/ therapists or health professionals.

Learn how to help and support people suffering from stress symptoms, lack of sleep, anxiety and concentration problems by generating a feeling of deep and prolonged relaxation of both body and mind.

For more details on training, you can find our training course  HERE